Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for telephone support?

We do not generally charge for telephone support that takes under 10 minutes. If you have a problem we will always do our best to help you. If there is a simple procedure that can fix your computer we will always talk you through it on the telephone.

If you just want some free computer advice then please give us a call on 01303 720 019.

If we cannot fix your computer problem there and then on the phone then we will offer either a remote support service where we can log into your computer remotely or will arrange an appointment at a time to suit you.


Do you fix Apple computers?

Yes we do. We can fix all models of Apple computers and MacBooks. Our technicians have a vast experience in using and fixing apple computers and can repair most problems. For more information about out apple repair service please visit our apple computer repairs page.

Do you sell new computers and components

Yes we stock a wide variety of common computer components and parts. If we do not hold stock of the item you require we can order it in next day.

We also sell a range of laptop and desktop computers so if you are looking for an upgrade or a completely new system Shepway Computer Services can help you. Why not give our expert team of advisors a call on 01303 720 019 and tell us about your requirements.

You can also view a number of our products on our sales page.

Do you sell refurbished computers or laptops?

We do sell a range of refurbished and reconditioned laptops and computers although as these items are very popular they are normally sold on a first come first served basis. If you would like a cheap laptop then please give us a call and we will let you know what is in stock or expected shortly.

Also if you have an old computer or laptop you would like to sell to us please give us a call on 01303 720 019.

How long will my repair take?

At Shepway Computer Service we know how bad it is to be without your PC or laptop that is why we always aim to get your computer back to you within 24 hours of collection or drop off and in some cases if yu drop your computer off to us in the morning we can have it fixed and repaired and ready for you to collect same day.

Most computers are repaired within this timescale the only exception would be if we do not stock the part required to fix your computer in which case we will inform you of an expected delivery time of the item and when your computer or laptop will be ready to collect.

Most parts can be placed on a next day delivery so there will be no long waits to get your computer back.


How often should I get my computer or laptop serviced?

We recommend getting your computer serviced at least once every year or when you start to notice any problems or a decrease in the computers performance.

Regular servicing helps prolong the life of the computer and can identify problems early allowing for them to get fixed before any major damage is caused or data is lost.

How quick can you repair my laptop or computer?

We aim to have a turnaround time of 24 hours for all common computer problems and computer services. That means if you drop your computer off to us in the morning it should be ready by the following day.

We also offer an out of hour's computer repair service for businesses. We can pick your computer up at the end of the day and return it to you the following morning or perhaps arrange to collect on a Friday and drop it off to you on the Monday morning. The aim is to make sure that your business is least affected.

You can always call or email us to check on the progress of your repair and we even offer a late or out of hours collection times to suit you.

If your computer or laptop requires a specific part then it might take a bit longer. Most of our suppliers can get parts to us the following day.

I want to upgrade my PC so I can play the latest games at flawless speeds. Can you do this for me?

Of course! We would happily search our suppliers for the best modules to upgrade your computer or laptop, and primarily we would search for Graphics Cards, SSD's, CPU's, and RAM. We would also check back with you to make sure you are making the right purchase, and if you require any additional parts, let us know and we can bring those in too.

Once we have all the parts needed, we will install them safely and efficiently for you. With our testing bench, we would then run primary and secondary tests to ensure the system is capable of running anything; with decent speeds; without fault. Updates would be applied once we confirm everything is in its final stages, and we would run more tests to know for sure that your new computer is ready for you to take home and set up, bringing you into the action of today's most demanding games, and games for the future to come!

My computer takes a long time to load programs. What can I do?

This is a common problem with many computers and laptops that have not been serviced frequently. Our Fixed Price Health Check can get you back up and running to its full efficiency, and once your computer or laptop is returned to you, we offer a 30 day guarantee thereafter, just in case.

What antivirus software do you recommend?

We recommend ESET Smart Security 5 for both home and business users as it offers a full protection service including Antivirus, Spyware, Firewall, Spam Filtering and more. It also uses a lot less memory on your computer and does not decrease performance as much as other anti-virus programs.

We are official partners of ESET and can provide a 3-computer licence for as little as £49.99 for a year, to keep your system safe from the perils the internet can bring.

What Are My Email Settings?

If you have an email account provided by us or Sea Dragon Design then please find your email settings below.

Quick Reference Settings:

POP3 Server: - Port 110

SMTP Server: - Port 26 (authentication turned on)


password: your password


To set up your email please enter the information above into Outlook or your preferred client. When setting up the outgoing server please make sure that you have ticked the box under more settings -> outgoing server -> my server requires authentication.

Below is a video on how to set up your account using Outlook. 

Below Is A Video On How To Set Up Your Email On Mac Mail



If you are still having problems please give us a call on 01303 720 019